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Research plans

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Nowadays, the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is successful in nurturing gifted young people those knowing what concrete area they wish to professionally develop in, good armed with research tools, being well aware of their vocation, following the specific direction in an appropriate science area, while studying at school. Thus, when entering higher education institution, they have clear understanding what science field they wish to deal with.

About MAcS of Ukraine


The Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

 The Minor Academy of Sciences (MAcS, the Academy) of Ukraine is an educational system that aims at providing the organization and coordination of students’ research activities, creating conditions for their intellectual and creative development, spiritual advance, and vocational self-determination to support the scientific potential growth of the country.


Ideas synthesis of young and experienced scientists

Professionals and students of MAS became the participants of the International Science and Technology Forum

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            An integral component of the Minor Academy of Sciences is effective international cooperation with universities, research institutions and public institutions, contributing to the successful implementation of its main functions - creation of the intellectual capacity of the Ukrainian nation.

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Innovations are for the best

In Kyiv new developments that are changing the world were presented

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